Three Five

So, I rented a 35mm lens. Not just any 35mm lens, but the Sony Zeiss Distagon FE 35mm 1.4 T* . This thing is an absolute beast of a lens. Not only is it amazing optically, but it actually weighs quite a bit. I rented the lens from , really great service from these guys and they have some great gear too! I had a whole weekend with the lens, from Thursday to Sunday, a photo/video shoot, photo shoot, wedding shoot and another photo shoot so I really put this thing through its paces. I shoot solely with primes

A Month Later...


So, life happens and things you plan don't always make it to the light. I've definitely been blessed since my last post.  I'm still blooming, yet I feel the growth that's coming and the wave that will follow. I have faith that I will be able to carry on in this new chapter of my life. Fear sometimes has this way of paralyzing you, and straying you away from your wildest dreams.

I've been blessed with so much work, meeting so many great people, and finding and exploring new opportunities. Fear of messing up will not win again, we are the ones that decide whether or not we keep running.

Where will you be a month from now?